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“Healing begins with us. As health care professionals, our natural tendency is to put the needs of others first. But when we take good care of ourselves, we can better respond to the calling that drew us to health care in the first place. I encourage everyone at Providence to take advantage of the free resources you’ll find on this site. And remember to please check in on one another. We are a healing ministry, and after everything we’ve been through since the pandemic began, it’s important we put our own healing first”


— Rod Hochman, M.D., Providence President and CEO

Ready to Take the Mental Health Checkup?

The Mental Health Checkup (Interactive Screening Program) is a quick and easy, confidential online tool designed to help you identify areas you might be struggling, and how best to connect with care.

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Mental Health Concerns are Common

Statistics show that 20% of us at any given time are dealing with some kind of mental health concern. Don't be afraid to get help because it impacts everybody around you. Dr. Robin Henderson explains more.
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